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Camera Support

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Support.

As is frequently the case with me I took a sideways look at the prompt. Because the first thing that came to mind on reading the prompt was camera tripods.

I am possibly something of a rarity these days in that I still frequently use a tripod or other form of camera support.

Fan Of... Olympus OM Zuiko 350mm

Using my home made ground pod allows me to support a telephoto lens while getting down to eye level with birds and mammals.

July Squares: Eye Level with an Eastern Chipmunk

Portrait of an Eastern Chipmunk taken using the ground pod.

Fan Of... Uni-Loc tripods

A tripod set up on the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at sunrise photographing waves forming icicles. Two of the tripod legs were frozen to the pebbles by the time I packed up the equipment.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Liquids

Motion blurred wave forming icicles on the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at sunrise.

6 replies on “Camera Support”

I had a feeling that you might respond in this way.
I love your ground support, what a great idea. The close up of the chipmunk is just magnificent and the sea shots are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing with us here.

Thanks Sue. If I recall correctly I paid A couple of pounds for the piece of aluminium for the ground pod. I took the sharp edges off and drilled and threaded the holes before giving it to an acquaintance who took it into Rolls Royce to be powder coated.

I agree with my partner Susan. Using that low level stand to get those dramatic photos og the animals was brilliant. Thank you for sharing your art work. Always welcomed and appreciated.

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