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Snow Bunting

My Saturday Bird is continuing my recent theme of birds in winter. This week’s species is the Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis).

It is an arctic species with a circumpolar arctic breeding range. The species heads south in the autumn to winter in northern temperate zones. Interestingly they migrate at night using the earth’s geomagnetic field to navigate.

This individual was photographed near Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada. The birds plumage is partially camouflaged against the partially snow covered wheat stubble. Photographed through an open vehicle window on a bitterly cold morning. It was -35°C if I recall correctly.

Throwback Thursday: Snow Bunting

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They’re a tough species. I remember a flock flying past me to roost in a reed bed at -40° when I was photographing a sunset in Saskatchewan in winter.

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