One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Large, Larger, Largest prompt.

It’s also a prequel of sorts to my One Word Sunday: Smaller post last week.

A Fan Of..... Old Fashioned Camera Bags

Large. The very early 1980s and I have one of the first Tenba Pro Pak bags to arrive in the U.K. I can’t imagine ever needing a larger camera bag.

Some best buys.

Larger. A few years later and I am looking for a larger camera bag. This Tenba bag is two sizes larger than the one in the first photo.

One Word Sunday: Larger

Largest. Jump forward to the digital age and now, once again I need a larger bag. Spot the bag sitting unseen in this dawn photo. I had changed position on the shoreline and didn’t realise the bag was in the shot. It was a lot darker than it looks in the photo, this is a 10 second exposure.

6 replies on “Larger”

A great link to last week, David. And a wonderful dawn shot. A happy accident with the bag – creates a good memory and a reminder of all the practicalities that lead to a great shot like this

Thanks Debbie. I thought it was a suitable continuation to last week’s post. I didn’t realise that the bag was in the shot until spotting the strap when I was importing and keywording.

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