Weekly Prompts

Emerging from its hole

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Hole.

This is a Richardson’s Ground Squirrel emerging from a burrow (or hole). Photographed near Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada in early spring.

Weekly Prompts: Hole
Silent Sunday: 12th April 2020

A Richardson’s Ground Squirrel about to enter a burrow.

7 replies on “Emerging from its hole”

Thanks Sue. I’m guessing that they could climb a tree to escape a coyote or fox but a lot of the ground squirrel and gopher species are found on the prairies so many will never have been close to a tree.

I used to try to keep my files updated whenever I upgraded or changed equipment that meant an increase in image quality. I don’t worry about it these days. There’s little point spending silly money on exotic lenses when editors and publishers expect to get images for free.

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