Weekly Prompts


This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Plastic.

I had a few photos picked out for the challenge before thinking of different types and uses of plastics. As a result the selection changed three or four times before I decided enough was enough and to go with the current selection.

Weekly Prompts: Plastic

Plastic scissor handles photographed with a fast portrait lens for a very shallow depth of field. I found the shapes and colour combination interesting.

One Word Sunday: Plastic

Reusable plastic water bottles. There’s probably three or four types of plastic used in the different parts. I’ve been using these bottles for years.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch It Up

An early Cordura camera bag. In the early 1980s there wasn’t a lot of plastic being used in cameras and lenses. But a few years earlier scientists had discovered how to dye the material known as Cordura. This is my original Tenba camera bag. Made from Cordura and other plastics I still have the bag 40 years later.

Fan Of... Old Fashioned Technology

A selection of plastic bubble (spirit) levels. I have had one in each camera bag for years. Used for leveling the camera I still use one as they’re more accurate than the electronic level built into some cameras these days.

10 replies on “Plastics”

I’ve never really looked into it. I researched how to calibrate the electronic level and found it still wasn’t accurate enough so gave up and went back to the old method using a spirit level.

I’ve been using the same spirit (bubble) levels for around 30 years so it’s an automatic response when I put a camera on a tripod.

I have a couple of regular ones but the ones I carry in my camera bags are only 5 inches long. Just the right length for the quick release clamps and plates I use on my cameras and tripod heads. They were originally supplied for leveling film and print processing equipment in a darkroom. I saw 5 on sale in a camera shop in the early 1990s and brought them all.

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