This week Ann-Christine gives us the prompt Soft for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

My first thought was of some of the photos I had taken last year when I was experimenting with photographing flowers and plants with various unusual lenses. Mostly fast portrait lenses but also some CCTV lenses adapted to a mirrorless camera.

2020: Greens and Browns
Fern amongst autumn leaves with a CCTV lens.
Family portrait of some Coneflowers
A group of Coneflowers photographed with a fast portrait lens.
Six Word Saturday: First Light on Grass Seed Heads
First light on some grass seed heads with a fast portrait lens.
Weekly Prompts: Greenery
Fern frond detail with a fast portrait lens.

17 replies on “Soft”

Fun experimenting with lenses – and soft, beautiful results. I love fern fronds, but lean towards the cone flowers…all softly reminding of better times!

Thanks Ann-Christine. I suspect that subconsciously my choice of subjects was because I’m tired of having very limited walking routes due to the snow and ice.

Thanks Patti. I briefly considered doing the whole post using photos of the fern fronds. There was a group of them under trees so the light was usually soft and they were a regular subject for the various lenses I was testing. I decided that a set of fern frond photos would be a bit repetitive.

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