One Word Sunday


Sunlight casting shadows on the snow.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt Light.

One Word Sunday: Light

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Thanks Debbie. I’ve just discovered that I missed a display of the Northern Lights last night. That would have been a nice contribution to the prompt.

Gorgeous. I had hoped to have a good old snow storm this winter since we had to stay home. But here in Toronto, we never got much. Sruprising since we live by the lake. I wanted the old fashioned big fat snowflakes!

We had less snow than normal and didn’t have much on the ground until mid February. The photo was taken early last week before we had a fast thaw. We lost a lot of the snow over 48 hours.

I do love shadows on snow. If you need some more snow, people in Colorado and Wyoming would likely gladly part with some of the several feet they’ve gotten so far.


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