A Pale Pail

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pail or Pale prompt.

I had the idea of doing something with pale Paper Birch bark. So I went for a walk and couldn’t believe it when I found a pale pail being held down with a pale piece of Paper Birch firewood. The pail is protecting a plant from the frost and snow. Ten days ago it was probably mostly buried in snow.

On a side note, I noticed at the weekend that according to my WordPress statistics that I had made 99 Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge posts so this is number 100.

CFFC: Pail or Pale

8 replies on “A Pale Pail”

Thanks, I thought it was a nice find, especially as a week or so ago that area was inaccessible due to the depth of snow in places.

Thanks Teresa. A lot of people cover their plants around here. Nowadays you never know what sort of winter we’re going to have so whatever we get they’re protected.

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