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Common Frog frogspawn

My Flora and Fauna Friday post this week is continuing the story of the Common Frogs (Rana temporaria) in a garden pond at Hatherton near Nantwich in southern Cheshire, England.

Last week the adult frogs were mating. This is the result, frogspawn in the pond. Each black dot will hatch into a tiny tadpole.

Flora and Fauna Friday: Common Frog frogspawn

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We have a place nearby where frogs are gathering in their hundreds, attracting a good number of schoolchildren. At first I felt a bit protective of the frogs, but have decided that it’s probably good if the kids are interested in nature.

Incredible, isn’t it!? I used to visit a pond that this reminds me of. At a certain point, just as the tadpoles are hatching, the entire surface of the pond looks like it’s a moving undulating mass.

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