Weekly Prompts

Easter Yellow

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Easter Yellow.

Now I’ll admit that I have no idea what makes a shade/tone of yellow an Easter Yellow but I have recently photographed a few yellow objects.

Weekly Prompts: Easter Yellow
Site 2 marker on a campground.
Silent Sunday: 21st March 2021
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer hiding in a tree stump
Weekly Prompts: Easter Yellow
A giant yellow butterfly garden ornament.
Wordless Wednesday: 31st March 2021
Site 14 marker on a campground.

10 replies on “Easter Yellow”

David, I kind of made up the colour Easter Yellow just because it was Easter! In my mind I was thinking of the yellows we see around us at Easter.

SO, as your yellow pictures can also be seen at Easter I think you’ve fulfilled the brief perfectly! Thank you, David. Happy Easter. 🙂

Feeling my age these days. Probably because it was a long winter and the Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse rather than better in Ontario. How are you doing?

Not back to normal just yet, but heaps better than I was a couple of weeks ago , so definitely going in the right direction,. Thank you, David.

Ontario went back into lockdown over Easter. I’m going to work and to grocery shop once a fortnight and that’s it. There’s only three pharmacies in the region doing Covid-19 vaccinations and the only relatively close one has a waiting list of 3,000 and has been told they’re getting 200 doses.

Oh No I’m so sorry. Even though had Covid we’re told we should also have the vaccine so I had my first on 1st Feb at the doctor’s surgery and the second is booked for ten days time.

GC had his first in Edmonton just over a week ago.

We’re Very gradually coming out of our third full lockdown that began at beg January.

The schools went back in mid March for a couple of weeks but now it’s Easter holidays.

Last week we were allowed to meet five others outside or another household. Hair dressers open on the 12th April but I think pubs and restaurants are closed until 17th May , not sure about the stores.

I don’t blame you for staying at home, this thing spreads so easily.

All the best with your lockdown and I hope you get your vaccine soon.

It’s getting ridiculous in Ontario. Despite being under the third lockdown people are traveling to their weekend places, it was very busy when we grocery shopped on Saturday.

Social distancing is now 6 metres although how you’re supposed to manage that no one wants to explain.

Cases in Ontario are setting new daily highs regularly and a couple of days before Easter there was a warning about hospitals being overwhelmed. But despite all that there’s a percentage of the population not taking it seriously.

I’ve no idea when I will get the vaccine. The last I heard was that they were hoping everyone would be vaccinated by the end of the year.

It looks as though people are behaving like that all over the world.

People do not realise what a killer this disease is or how debilitating it can be.

My thirty year old son was fine after a few days. It’s dragged on for me for almost four months.

My forty five year old son-in-law contracted it from a client he had to meet. that was seven weeks ago and he is still poorly.

Amazingly, because his client contacted him when he tested positive, my son-in-law took no chances and went straight into quarantine in the spare bedroom before any symptoms showed, and by doing so he managed to avoid passing it on to the family.

Australia was brilliant it shut down when there were very few infections and that worked. It banned travelling and put all arrivals into hotel quarantine straight away. Such a pity the rest of us didn’t do the same.

That said Australia doesn’t get the volume of international travellers like we do here. If it had it might have been a different story in the early days.

Over here people were paranoid about catching it from the Chinese, but in the end it found its way here from Europe via the middle class winter travellers on skiing trips.
Later it was the summer travellers bringing it in again from Europe. Then people didn’t care and just mixed!

Initially, 12 months ago Canada in general was taking it seriously and infection rates were low. But then the individual provinces started making their own rules and each province was different.

Now Ontario is in a real mess due to constantly changing the rules and dividing the province into colour coded areas with different rules for different colours. Infection rates are higher now than they were in the first and second wave.

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