ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

This is my contribution to Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: You Pick It prompt.

Shortly before Ann-Christine posted the prompt I had been for a walk. One of the things I did on the walk was continue my experiments with intentional camera movement.

As a result I decided to look back at some of the photos from my experiments with intentional camera movement. Specifically the photos of trees on my walks.

Lens-Artists: You Pick It!

Trees in leaf in mid summer. A previously unedited photo from the 52 week photo project I did in 2018.

CMMC: Contains two A

Bare trees in the snow in winter. A photo from about six weeks ago when I was limited to certain routes when out for a walk.

Lens-Artists: You Pick It!

Trees in a mixture of leaf litter and patches of snow. A photo from a few weeks ago after a thaw. The mixture of leaf litter and snow on the ground gives the foreground a different appearance.

Lens-Artists: You Pick It!

Bare trees in early spring. Taken last Saturday afternoon and the photo that gave me the idea for this post.

15 replies on “ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)”

Thanks Sue. It’s something I have been playing with for years but the long winter and grey skies started me playing again. There wasn’t much else to photograph at times.

I’m a fan of the technique David and use it often. I especially like using it when the trees are reflected in water. My absolute favorite is using it on birch trees which have such lovely coloration/patterns – they make stunning ICM subjects. Sadly we don’t have them here in the south. Enjoyed your series and your different results – great idea for the week’s challenge.

Thanks Ann-Christine. Having restarted my ICM of trees in the winter I’m going to try to keep going for the year.

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