Square Months

Bright Sprinkles

This is my day 11 contribution to Becky’s April Squares on the theme of Bright.

Bright sprinkles on a glazed doughnut.

October Squares: Lots Of A Kind

5 replies on “Bright Sprinkles”

I HAD a program on my computer that made digital jigsaws, and God must be punishing me for borrowing/stealing your picture without permission to play on my computer. I was surprised that it was big enough to make a clear picture. My husband spilled a cup of coffee all over my computer, so the picture and my app is gone to a better place. Someone in computer heaven is probably working your candy sprinkles puzzle. (It’s not online, BTW) Next time I’ll ask instead of steal! I’m a sucker for candy! The gummies tempted me, but when you did it again… Bad Marsha!

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