Getting to Know ICM

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Getting to Know You prompt.

Having initially considered various locations and nature subjects I thought about some of the ICM shots I had taken over the weekend.

I spent part of last weekend experimenting with various types of intentional camera movement using various lenses from an ultra wide angle lens to a macro lens.

The post is also a continuation of a the Lens-Artists prompt You Pick It earlier in the month.

Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Horizontal camera movement of a stack of campfire wood.
Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Rotational camera movement of tree tops with an ultra wide angle lens.
Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Circular camera movement of a group of Daffodils.
Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Vertical camera movement of Ivy growing up a tree trunk

15 replies on “Getting to Know ICM”

Thanks Sue. I shot so many variations last weekend it was hard to pick a small selection. In the end I went for a different camera movement in each shot.

Thanks for joining the challenge and sharing your experiment with ICM. You’ve gotten some really nice results with that tricky technique! I especially like the rotation; it must be really difficult to achieve.

Thanks, glad you liked them. The rotation is easier to achieve than the circular movement. Trying to move the camera in a circle while timing the shutter release can be challenging.

Thanks Amy. I’ve been on an ICM project for a while now. Being back in lockdown with a stay-at-home-order means my subject matter is limited so I’m experimenting with different techniques.

Thanks Tina. I’m planning on keeping experimenting with ICM especially while we’re back under lockdown with a stay-at-home order.

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