Real and Not So Real

This is my take on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Real vs Fake prompt.

What I mean by the title of this post is using the camera to produce images that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.

CFFC: Real vs Fake

Clouds streaking across Colpoy’s Bay at dawn. A fake view due to using a 5 minute exposure using the Live Composite setting on an Olympus camera. It’s 300 one second exposures composited in the camera.

CFFC: Real vs Fake

Golden light on the Government Dock. 25 minutes after the first photo was taken a real view of the rising sun illuminating the Government Dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula.

CMMC: Pick a Topic from my Photo

A real view of Paper Birch trees again a blue sky.

Swirling Tree Tops

A fake view of Paper Birch trees against a blue sky using rotational camera movement during exposure.

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