Old and New

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Old vs New prompt.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch It Up

My new Tenba P595 in the snow in the early 1980s taken with my old Olympus OM1 from 1976. I know that it was my old OM1 because my new OM2n is visible in the bag.

CFFC: Old vs New

The same Tenba P595 40 years later. Now my oldest camera bag. Taken at sunrise last Sunday morning with my new smartphone. I used my smartphone because the camera was on a tripod looking out over Colpoy’s Bay taking the Wordless Wednesday photo I will post later today.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Essential Tips and Tools - One Word Sunday: Smaller

My newest camera bag, a Domke F-10 JD hanging from my oldest tripod, a Uni-Loc from the mid 1990s. Taken with an old DSLR I keep in the car so I always have a camera with me.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch It Up - One Word Sunday: Smaller

My oldest Domke camera bag, a sand canvas F-6 sitting in autumn leaves a few years ago. It contains a mix of old and new manual focus prime lenses I put together as a back to basics kit. Taken with a newish DSLR I had set up as closely to a film SLR as possible.

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Thanks Susan. Funny you should say that. I just posted the first two on my Facebook page and posted the link to the Tenba page. They’ll probably ignore it as they stopped making that range of bags nearly twenty years ago.

Thanks Cee. It’s hard to believe a camera bag has survived 40. Especially given some of the abuse it has been subjected to over the years.

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