Mostly Green

Another intentional camera movement photo, this time of Daylily leaves growing around the base of an Oak tree.

2021: ICM of Daylily Leaves

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With spring delayed I keep photographing the Dayliiy leaves with various lenses and techniques. There isn’t much other greenery around at the moment.

So far our May weather has been more like November with frosts, cool temperatures and more rain than we got in April.

We were getting close to being hot in April then it cooled down. We’ve had frost most mornings this week and our daytime high was 6°C on Tuesday.

We got a lot less snow than normal last winter and it was gone by mid March. What snow we’ve had since then didn’t stick around. We don’t seem to have had a “normal” winter for sometime now.

It all seems to be happening so fast although looking back there was signs of the seasons changing when I was living in England in the 1980s.

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