Six Word Saturday

A Group of Trees at Sunrise

This is my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday challenge.

A group of trees illuminated by the rising sun on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario last Sunday morning.

On a side note, yet again we have no internet connection and it’s taken me 15 minutes and two cell phones to get an internet connection using a cell phone as a WiFi hotspot. So if I’m not around much for a while you know why.

Six Word Saturday: A Group of Trees at Sunrise

14 replies on “A Group of Trees at Sunrise”

Given the fiasco of the Covid-19 lockdown and vaccination in Ontario plus the internet issues I sometimes wonder if Ontario is part of the “developed world”

I suspect that the winter like weather dragging on isn’t helping. We’ve had frost most mornings this week. Having had frozen wet snow at the beginning of November it’s been a very long winter. It seems like spring isn’t going to happen again this year.

Really nice lines here, David, making for an attractive shot. When we’re in Wyoming, the internet was always extremely slow and then it change to everyone having their own if they want to do more than check email. Now I don’t bother to blog while on vacation and just enjoy the time. But it’s different when it’s not vacation!


Thanks Janet. Ontario being under the third Covid-19 lockdown and people working from home and kids schooling from home isn’t helping an already busy rural network.

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