One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt Lean.

An exhausted looking American Red Squirrel leaning on the fence around the deck.

One Word Sunday: Lean

15 replies on “Lean”

Exhausted, the partially closed eye is a clue. It was a hot and humid afternoon when the birds and mammals were trying to stay in the shade out of the sun.

Thanks Debbie. I replied to this soon after you commented. I’d blame WordPress but given how flaky our internet connection is it could just as easily been Bell Canada. The snoring didn’t start as there was another squirrel to chase off. I can hear two having a dispute as I type this.

Thanks Janet. This one was just crashed out on the fence. It was one of those hot and humid days when birds and mammals try to stay in the shade.

Thanks Graham. The photo has amused me since I took it last summer. It was nice to get a prompt I could use the photo for.

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