A Back Country Road

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Along Back Country Roads prompt.

A small selection of photos from one particular back road on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. All the photos are from the past couple of months and were taken when returning from the local bay after sunrise.

Lens-Artists: Back Country Roads

The rising sun shines through a mix of mist and smoke. The smoke is from wildfires burning in western Canada.

Wordless Wednesday: 16th June 2021

An old barn shortly after sunrise.

Six Word Saturday: A Group of Trees at Sunrise

A group of trees illuminated by the rising sun.

One Word Sunday: Rural

An old barn in mist shortly after sunrise.

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Thanks, glad you liked them. We’ve had some interesting light and weather conditions for the last few months so I’ve been stopping for photos quite often.

Thanks, glad you liked them. There’s multiple wildfires across Canada that we’re getting smoke from. The amount of smoke varies depending on wind direction and air pressure.

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