Cosmic Photo Challenge

As Summer Fades

Two signs of summer coming to an end on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario yesterday morning.

This is my contribution to Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: As Summer Fades prompt.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: As Summer Fades

Light trails from fishing boats on Colpoy’s Bay at dawn. Most of the fishing boats on the bay are probably competing in an annual end of summer fishing derby.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: As Summer Fades

The sun rising over the Niagara Escarpment on the other side of Colpoy’s Bay. Around the summer solstice the sun rises over the mouth of the bay. As the days shorten and autumn approaches the sun starts rising progressively more to the south.

12 replies on “As Summer Fades”

I’m actually quite surprised at how summery it all still was. If your stone age internet connection will load the dozens of photos on the overflow post, you’ll see what I mean. ;~}

We’re having another strange year weather wise. Winter seemed to drag on with a very brief spring. Then the first signs of autumn appeared in mid summer. The wheat was harvested weeks ago and now they’re harvesting soy beans. Meanwhile there’s still hay waiting to be cut because of the wet summer.

Not seen any extremes like that here, although I did notice blackberries have been ripe enough to pick for a while already, which is quite early.

It did get hot for a few weeks early in the summer, but overall the weather has been a bit meh this year.

We had a very brief but very dry spring followed by a very wet summer. We had over an inch of rain over the weekend and it seemed a pretty dry weekend.

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