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34 Minutes Before Sunrise

2021: 62 Seconds 34 Minutes Before Sunrise

Clouds moving across Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario at dawn this morning.

For a change this summer they weren’t storm clouds. I wasn’t expecting this much cloud as the local weather station was reporting mainly clear skies when I got up for the sunrise.

A 62 second exposure achieved by me standing behind the camera holding the shutter release down, because I’ve misplaced the remote release for the camera.

13 replies on “34 Minutes Before Sunrise”

Thanks Sandy. It was a nice change not to have storm clouds this morning. There’s more thunderstorms in the forecast for this evening and overnight and we’re still waiting to hear if was a tornado that did a lot of damage 20 minutes to the south last Tuesday.

There had already been quite a few in Ontario this summer before last Tuesday. One confirmed on Tuesday with others still under investigation.

Thanks Russell, glad you liked it. A bit of a lucky shot if the truth was told. I was lucky there was not camera movement due to me having to hold the shutter release down for a minute. Also, I calculated the exposure in my head as it was too dark to get a meter reading.

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