Going Wide

This is my contribution to Patti’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Going Wide prompt.

A great theme for me as I have been testing two wide angle lenses this summer, a 17mm lens and a 7.5mm fisheye lens. Both by TTArtisan and recent additions to my back to basics kit.

It’s also an ideal prompt for me to use recent photos as I’ve been trying to avoid my archives as much as possible recently.

A variety of clouds over Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario over the past few weeks.

Lens-Artists: Going Wide
Lens-Artists: Going Wide
Lens-Artists: Going Wide
Lens-Artists: Going Wide

14 replies on “Going Wide”

Wow, David. A stunning collection. They’re gorgeous! So what’s the verdict on the 2 lenses? Are you keeping both of them? Are all these shot with the 17mm??

Thanks Patti. Glad you liked them. I’m keeping them both. One of the shots is with the 7.5mm fisheye and there’s also a shot from the 12mm Samyang that I’ve been using for some time. Rather amusingly, we’re under yet another tornado watch as I type this.

It seems to have been a summer of severe weather and thunderstorms. There was thunder rumbling when I took two of the photos. It’s only a week since multiple tornadoes and down draughts hit this part of Ontario.

Thanks John. Yes, the fourth one is the 7.5mm. The second and third are the 17mm and the first is the Samyang 12mm lens that’s been in my mirrorless back to basics kit since I put it together 27 months ago.

Stunning. I can say nothing but WOW. They are all gorgeous, but if I were to have a favourite, or two,…it would be the first and the last one. The drama and the camera movements (?) are so special.

Thanks Ann-Christine. The cloud movement is a technique I’ve been experimenting with for a while but finally got around to learning how to change the base exposure.

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