Weekly Prompts

Dave the Rubber Ducktographer

This is my very light hearted contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Camera prompt.

Meet camera using Dave the Rubber Ducktographer who specialises in tracking down rare wildlife.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Camera
A studio portrait of Dave the Rubber Ducktographer.
One Word Sunday: Blob
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer photographing the rare Cyan Blob.
Silent Sunday: 21st March 2021
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer hiding in a tree stump searching for Bigfoot.
One Word Sunday: Feeling
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer in the snow searching for an Abominable Snowman.

26 replies on “Dave the Rubber Ducktographer”

I’ve had my first, still trying to find a local location for the second. Ontario keeps talking about a fourth lockdown but it hasn’t happened yet. Our health authority was the Ontario hot spot for new infections when they relaxed the rules and allowed people to travel to their holiday homes

Vaccination in Ontario is so disorganised it’s a joke. It was announced weeks, maybe months ago now, that pharmacies were going to start vaccinating people but that hasn’t happened around here. I only got my first needle because my doctor tipped me off about a pop up clinic in town.

Actually the NHS is one of the things I miss. I’m on 9 prescriptions for various things. It’s not unusual for it to cost me $200 just to fill a couple if the timing is bad and they’re both expensive medications.

The worst part of health care in Ontario is everyone pays a supplemental income tax called the Ontario Health Insurance Plan despite the poor level of health coverage.

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