Month of Squares

Past Squares #17

Two of a Kind: American Avocets

Two Of A Kind

Two summer plumage American Avocets feeding on a slough near Punnichy, Saskatchewan. Although the photo is as much about the ripples as the birds.

Plus I’ve always liked the two drops of water falling from the males bill. I say it’s a male because the bill is straighter than the bird in the background. The more curved bill means that the background bird is a female.

A look back at some of my personal favorite square photos from previous months of squares. Some were popular, some not so popular at the time.

This was a post in Kind Squares Month and is my day 17 contribution to Becky’s October Squares on the theme of Past Squares.

6 replies on “Past Squares #17”

Thanks. It’s been a favourite since I took it because of the ripples. I have courtship and mating shots of the two birds but this feeding shot is the one that always comes to mind.

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