Motion and Movement

This is my contribution to Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Weird and Wonderful prompt.

I had a few ideas for the challenge before realising that two of them involved motion blur and intentional camera movement.

So I decided to go with a small selection of motion blur and intentional camera movement shots.

One Word Sunday: Count

Intentional camera movement of trees on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

Lens-Artists: Weird and Wonderful

A motion blurred motorcycle endurance racer entering the start/finish straight shortly before midnight during the Le Mans 24 hour motorcycle endurance race.

2021:Pastel colours in the clouds

A live composite exposure of storm clouds moving across Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise taken with a fisheye lens.

Lens-Artists: Weird and Wonderful

Intentional camera movement of the center of a Coneflower taken with a high magnification macro lens adapted to a DSLR.

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