Weekly Prompts


Getting Back to Basics: Autumn Trees with ICM

Intentional camera movement of trees on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario recently.

Last Sunday morning I went for a walk around the neighborhood with the intention of looking for monochrome images and interesting detail.

All the holiday homes are closed up for the year so it was very quiet apart from the occasional Blue Jay or squirrel complaining about my presence.

Just before finishing my walk I did a quick detour into the trees to try a few ICM images. I thought the movement in the image was at odds to the quiet surroundings so this is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Quiet.

2 replies on “Quiet”

Souds like the perfect quiet place to be. I love how you created the movent in the trees, I should try that.
Thank you David. 🙂

Thanks Sue. Intentional camera movement is an ongoing project. I had great plans for the autumn colour on the trees but never seemed to find the time. It was possibly the first time I had walked that route since the spring.

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