Is this the new plastic water bottle?

2021: The new universal litter?

A discarded, disposable facemask photographed on a recent walk around the neighborhood.

Twelve months ago I couldn’t have said if the Tim Hortons coffee cup or a plastic water bottle was the most common piece of litter in Canada.

However, over the past few months I have seen an increasing number of these disposable facemasks littering this part of Ontario.

19 replies on “Is this the new plastic water bottle?”

So sad to see this David. We saw disposable masks discarded early on in the pandemic here too until reusable masks became more widely available.

I see these around a lot too. Sometimes people throw them away, but I also see people drop them quite often and they’re so light they blow away easily.

With local authorities and other organisations trying to reduce the amount of material going into landfills a percentage of what goes in must be disposable masks these day.

I’ve photographed two more since I took that photo. I’ve started noticing people with the masks under their chin, not covering their mouth or nose. What’s the point of businesses making masks mandatory if they’re going to let people do that?

exactly! It is much better here in Portugal compared to the UK, but even so there are a few chin wearers and nose missers here!

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