CBWC: Horns

Portrait of a bull Bison photographed on a Bison ranch near Kelliher, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Horns prompt.

15 replies on “Horns”

Fantastic. We’ve noticed here the birds are generally fine around the fishermen and shepherds for the same reason – unfortunately they’re all on foot so I can’t borrow a truck!

You wouldn’t want to be on foot amongst a herd of Bison without an escape plan. Any of the adults are capable of jumping into the back of the pick truck if they get spooked. I drove my parents into the herd and sitting in the cab they were looking up at the big bulls stood next to the truck

The corral fences were at least 10 feet high. You don’t want them being able to see outside of the corral because they’ll try to jump the fence to get out.

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