Cosmic Photo Challenge

Favourite Trees Of 2021

This is my contribution to Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Your best bits prompt.

I quickly decided to go with one photo from each season. Then, when I started short listing photos I noticed that there was a preponderance of images of trees.

So four of my favourite tree images from 2021.

CMMC: Contains two A

Winter. Intentional camera movement of trees in snow. An on going project, I decided to limit myself to just one ICM image for this post.

Six Word Saturday: A Group of Trees at Sunrise

Spring. A group of trees illuminated by the rising sun. Isolated with a long telephoto as I was photographing birds at the time.

Lens-Artists: Back Country Roads

Summer. An exploding tree? Light beams behind a tree shortly after sunrise courtesy of a mix of mist and smoke. The smoke was from wildfires burning in western Canada.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: A Cold Start

Autumn. Trees in snow on the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at sunrise. Taken after the heaviest snowfall of the autumn. The snow has since thawed after a mild spell.

4 replies on “Favourite Trees Of 2021”

That misty sunrise is the winner for me, stunning shot.
Thank you for all your fantastic images over the year, David, it’s always a pleasure to see what you bring to the challenge.

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