Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Open Topic.

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Open Topic.

The open topic was rather well timed for me. I’m now getting out and about with a camera for the first time since my accident in late March but I’m having to use a cane (walking stick) and I have very restricted movement in the right shoulder.

This means using a small, light camera and lens. You can’t get much smaller and lighter than a CCTV lens adapted to to fit a small mirrorless camera. I went for a walk last Wednesday afternoon with a tiny 35mm f/1.7 CCTV lens attached to the camera. It was the first time I had used the lens and I was impressed enough to order a couple more CCTV lenses of different focal lengths and apertures. The lens produces some interesting out of focus areas in the backgrounds of some shots.

This Dandelion seed head was the second shot I took with the lens. I added some more blur to the background before adding a weak vignette, a frame and then did a monochrome conversion applying a digital blue filter to darken the background.

Dandelion seed head in monochrome.


Sunrise over Colpoy’s Bay.

My first visit to the bay since my accident. The physiotherapist has swapped the crutches for a cane (walking stick) which means that I am a bit more mobile.

I’m still having trouble using the camera in vertical orientation due to the limited range of motion in my right arm. As the camera was tripod mounted for the sunrise I simply released the shutter with my left hand.

Clouds over Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise with White Cloud Island on the horizon right of centre.

Clouds over Colpoy's Bay at sunrise.

CFFC: One Blue Flower.

A second contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 1 Item or the Number One and alao a contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

Shortly after posting my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Great Crested Grebe I went for a walk with the camera. I was testing a CCTV lens adapted to the camera and one of the things I photographed was this blue flower. I then added more blur to the already blurred background, a weak vignette and a Polaroid film type border.

A Single Blue Flower.

Georgian Bay shoreline at sunset.

Throwback Thursday travels back to Ontario, Canada in the summer of 1985.

I spent part of the summer in Ontario shooting travel, landscape and nature images for British photo libraries. Decades later I’m now living about 30 minutes north of where this photo was taken.

A section of the Georgian Bay shoreline at sunset.

Georgian Bay shoreline at sunset.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Road.

This is my contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge: Road.

Originally I thought I would go with two roads in summer many miles apart in Canada. Then I remembered a shot from Christmas day, 2017.

A back road in the summer on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. I was returning from photographing a sunrise when I stopped for this shot. I liked the way the low sun was illuminating the grass seed heads along the sides of the road.

A spring back road.

A back road on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario on Christmas day, 2017. Falling snow is obscuring the end of the road.

Snow covered back road on Christmas day.

This gravel road in Saskatchewan, Canada should have had a Road Closed sign at the junction so you wouldn’t drive down it only to find the road was underwater.

Photographer's wheels.