One Word Sunday


I had a couple of ideas for the One Word Sunday prompt Night.

Then I remembered my fruitless visits to the dock at Colpoy’s Bay looking for Comet Neowise in the summer and one long exposure photo showing star trails in particular. Apparently the planet was passing through three different meteor showers at the time which explains the shooting stars.

Travel Tuesday: Colpoy's Bay at night
One Word Sunday


When I read the prompt for One Word Sunday: Whatchamacallit I had a couple of ideas for the challenge.

My first thought was a photo of a calliope, a steam powered fairground organ. That was followed by thoughts of old farm equipment. Then I thought about some recent photos featuring the dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

Mostly I have seen or heard it called the government dock but it’s also known as the public dock, the pier and simply the dock. I don’t know why it’s known as the government dock or why no one seems entirely sure what it should be called.

One Word Sunday: Whatchamacallit
One Word Sunday


A red Maple leaf caught in green Ivy leaves.

This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Colour.

One Word Sunday: Colour
One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Splash.

I had a few images in mind for this prompt. Then I thought of a line in an old pop song, “Splish, splash I was takin’ a bath” which made this photo an obvious choice.

A juvenile Red Knot bathing on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton during autumn migration.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Letter K
One Word Sunday


The first thing that came to mind when I read the prompt for One Word Sunday: Patchwork was fields seen from above.

My home county, Cheshire in England, is quite flat but there is a large sandstone ridge sticking out of the Cheshire plain. The tops of some of the hills forming the ridge allow you to look down onto some of the farmland of the Cheshire plain.


One Word Sunday: Patchwork

An early snowfall on a section of the Cheshire plain seen from Bickerton Hill in south west Cheshire.


One Word Sunday


And Flair.

This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday challenge Flare or Flair.

Having shot a few photos of sun shining through trees with deliberate flare on some of my recent walks around the neighborhood I then decided to go in a completely different direction. So here’s a visit to the Le Mans race circuit in France for the 24 hour motorcycle endurance race in the spring of 1982.

The flare in this photo is created by the lights illuminating the pit lane entrance and the start/finish straight at the race circuit. The photo was taken with the silvernose OM Zuiko 50mm that I got with my Olympus OM1 in 1976. Those lenses were single coated rather than multi coated which probably explains the flare.

The flair in this photo is the motorcycle and rider. Built on a shoestring budget in a garage in London this is the bikes first race. It looks like a standard Honda CB900 rather than a purpose built endurance racer. Despite all that the team was up to 8th in the race at one point, ahead of some of the big budget professional teams.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Number


One Word Sunday


This is contribution to the One Word Sunday challenge Dream.

I found this photo on the camera memory card when I was downloading photos from one of my walks around the neighborhood.

The photo is of the bedroom window and curtain. I’m guessing I was changing a setting on the camera and tripped the shutter by accident. I thought it had a suitably dream like quality for the prompt.

One Word Sunday: Dream