This female Common Merganser has made a section of the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline her home since arriving in the spring. She found a mate and raised a brood of young, one of which is riding on her back.

The young have to grow big and strong enough to head south for the winter before Colpoy’s Bay freezes over.

This is my take on the One Word Sunday challenge Home.

One Word Sunday: Home


This is a common sight in this part of Ontario in the summer and autumn, a fire in a fire pit. In this case the pit is an old wheel rim in a back yard.

People sit around their fire pits in the evening. The theory being that the smoke helps keep the mosquitoes away. Although they always manage to find me regardless of the smoke.

Posted as my contribution to One Word Sunday: Fire.

One Word Sunday: Fire


This is one of the more famous tourist attractions on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. This is one of the Flowerpots on Flowerpot Island. Flowerpot Island in in Georgian Bay and is part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park.

The Flowerpots are a type of sea stack formed over many years as the softer rock erodes leaving the harder pillar of rock standing.

This is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Famous.

One Word Sunday: Famous