Week 36. 30 minutes before sunrise.

Sunday morning of week 36 saw me down at Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise. I was down there about 40 minutes before sunrise and this is one of the first shots I took. It’s a 13 second exposure which has softened the water a little, it was quite rough and choppy at the time.

Although it was taken 30 minutes before sunrise that’s not allowing for the sun having to rise above the Niagara Escarpment. If I recall correctly the sun was about 8 minutes late by the time it had climbed over the Escarpment.

Colpoy's Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at dawn.

Week 35. Watching the sky.

Sunday afternoon of week 35 saw me lying in the yard trying for shots of one of the three Eastern Gray Squirrels that appeared in the area recently. Still no luck with shots of the Squirrels but I had some cooperative birds prepared to pose for me.

I picked this shot because despite the Red-breasted Nuthatch being on the ground looking for seeds it’s looking up at the sky, more interested in something overhead than finding seeds.

Watching the sky.

Week 34. Green in front of green.

Week 34 of my 52 week photo project saw me lying in the yard trying for shots of an Eastern Gray Squirrel that appeared in the yard recently. While waiting for the Squirrel I was watching and photographing various birds in the yard.

This juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbird is sitting on a branch ready to chase rivals away from the Hummingbird feeder.

Green on green.

Week 33. An impression of trees.

Several evening walks in cloudy, dull weather during week 33 saw me experimenting with deliberate camera movement during exposure. I was panning the camera up or down, trying to get the camera movement to follow the direction of the tree trunks.

I ended up taking quite a few photos over three evenings and discovered that the results were different each time due in part to the strength and quality of the light. The other variable was I used different lenses, apertures and changed the ISO between the evenings. Having had fun experimenting maybe I should make notes and try to analyse the settings I have used already.

The settings for this shot were 1/4 second exposure at f/5.6 and 100 ISO.

Abstract trees.

Week 32. An old barn in the mist at sunrise.

For week 32 I was in a retro mood and at the weekend I left my zoom lenses at home and packed my smallest camera bag with with four manual focus prime lenses. Sometimes I like going back to the way I shot film for decades.

It was originally supposed to be three prime lenses, a wide angle, a normal and a telephoto like I used most of the time as a photography student. However I found a deal on a fisheye lens that was impossible to resist so it got added to the original three lenses.

Sunday morning saw me returning from the sunrise at Colpoy’s Bay to find some interesting mist over some of the fields. I ended up taking more photos of the mist over various fields than I had of the sunrise. The photo is mist around an old barn soon after sunrise and was taken with the wide angle lens.

Old barn in mist at sunrise.

Week 31. Backlit Sandhill Cranes.

Sunday morning of week 31 saw me returning from the sunrise at Colpoy’s Bay when I spotted two Sandhill Cranes in a hay field.

The sun was still low in the sky and behind the birds providing some interesting lighting. There was still round bales in the field so I spent some time waiting for one or the other to appear from behind a bale. At on point the two birds started calling to each other but one of the birds was mostly hidden behind a bale at the time.

Sandhill Cranes at sunrise.