Weekly Prompts: Unusual

One photo immediately came to mind when I read the Weekly Prompts: Unusual prompt.

It was this photo of a leucistic juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker. Leucism is a lack of dark pigmentation making the affected species look a little like an albino. The pale brown areas on the birds head would normally be black.

Throwback Thursday: Great Spotted Woodpecker.


Then I thought about this photo. It shows a male Black-throated Blue Warbler pretending it’s an Oriole by eating the grape jelly in an Oriole feeder. As a member of the Wood Warbler family, or New World Warbler family depending on which reference you use, it normally feeds on insects.

Male Black-throated Blue Warbler.

Weekly Prompts: The Street

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts: The Street challenge.

It occurred to me when I was considering the prompt that I seem to have taken photos on the main street in the local town quite a few times since last summer. As a result I decided to go with a selection of shots taken on Berford Street in Wiarton on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

Looking north early on a Sunday morning in the summer. Berford Street is actually Highway 6 that heads up to Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. It’s normally busy with tourists in the summer as there’s a ferry across Lake Huron that sails from Tobermory.

Weekly Prompts: The Street


A similar view looking north before the start of the Wiarton Santa Claus parade in December.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Portal


The Pacific Hotel on the corner of Berford Street and William Street in the autumn. The slightly run down appearance of the buildings and the storm clouds sum up my feelings for the town at times.

Weekly Prompts: The Street


Finally, looking south down the street at the various Christmas lights in December. I thought the wet highway reflecting the lights added to the scene.

Weekly Prompts: The Street

Weekly Prompts: Booster Vaccines

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts: Booster Vaccines challenge.

For a few years in the 1980s I ran the photo department of a medical research institute. The institute was one of the establishment’s responsible for developing the annual flu vaccination each year.

Running the department gave me the opportunity to set up a variety of photos at evenings and weekends. One of these sessions involved a syringe lit with coloured gels on the studio lights to give the syringe an eerie appearance.

One of the syringe photos was used on a magazine cover a few years later.

Weekly Prompts: Booster Vaccines


Detail of a syringe needle.

Weekly Prompts: Booster Vaccines

Weekly Prompts: White

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts: White challenge.

Being as it’s winter in Ontario, Canada it was almost ├Čnevitable that my contribution would involve snow. I did actually try to come up with an alternative to snow but didn’t think of anything I was really happy with.

All the photos were taken in the last month. One was taken an hour or so before posting.

Wind formed patterns in the snow.

Weekly Prompts: White


An autumn Maple leaf and the shadow of a tree trunk on the snow.

Weekly Prompts: White


Shadows of tree trunks and a fallen branch in the snow.

Weekly Prompts: White


An autumn Maple leaf on the snow.

Weekly Prompts: White

Weekly Prompts: Something New

For 2020 the Weekly Prompts Photo and Word Challenges have been merged into one, the first being Something New.

The something new for me was a different camera last year. As a long time Olympus user I picked up a small, mirrorless Sony to continue my experimentation and testing of various lenses adapted to a mirrorless camera.

I’m rather enjoying the camera to the point that if it wasn’t for the bag full of very good Olympus lenses that won’t adapt I would be using it almost exclusively.

Part of the Wiarton Santa Claus parade with the Meike 25mm lens from my lightweight Olympus kit adapted to fit the Sony.

Six Word Saturday: The Santa Claus Parade Street Walkers


An ice covered bush on the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at sunrise with the Neewer 35mm lens adapted to fit the camera.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Fantasy


A fisheye view of Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise with the Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens adapted to fit the camera.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: What Dreams May Come


Some interesting background blur with a 35mm CCTV lens adapted to fit the camera.

Wordless Wednesday: 27th November 2019


Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree.

Having decided to ignore the obvious theme, the Christmas tree, I had a couple of ideas for the challenge before remembering the remains of a tree in a reservoir in south Cheshire.

It only became visible when the water level dropped but when it appeared it was popular with the birds.

A pair of Mallard hanging out on the remains.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree


A Common Coot standing on it.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree


A Canada Goose doing Tai Chi on it.

A Canada Goose having a stretch.


A juvenile Grey Heron on it. The bird is watching something closely.

Is that food?


Some winter plumage Black-headed Gulls on and around it.

Winter plumage Black-headed Gulls.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Two Teapots

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Teapot.

I should first admit that despite being a Brit I am a coffee drinker. On the rare occasion when I do have a cup of tea it’s invariably a teabag in a mug.

However, my partner has a small collection of ornamental teapots so I picked two to photograph for the challenge. Now I’m sure a lot of people will be familiar with an ornamental teapot in the shape of a house or cottage. The second teapot I picked was a little more unusual. It’s in the shape of a cupboard or sideboard with an old fashioned phonograph (gramophone) on top. I picked the placemat to photograph them on as the colours in the teapots were echoed in the placemat.

Having colour matched the various items the photo had some heavy editing in Snapseed to make it look old before adding a film type border.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Teapot