A grey American Red Squirrel.

I was set up in the yard using my ground pod last weekend. One of the species I photographed was an American Red Squirrel. I did notice the colour of the individual when taking the shots, I’m usually to busy checking focus and framing to study the subject in detail. However, when editing the shots I noticed how grey the Squirrel was.

A couple of weeks ago we had young American Red Squirrels around, they were quite small and a distinctive grey colour. I suspect that this is one of them, grown a bit and starting to get some red colouring.

Juvenile American Red Squirrel.

Week 26. Canada Day fireworks.

This pick for week 26 scraped in with an hour and 50 minutes to spare. Sunday was Canada Day so in the evening I went down to the dock at Colpoy’s Bay for the Wiarton firework display.

The display was set up on the public dock in Wiarton, a couple of miles away across the bay so I photographed the fireworks with a telephoto lens.

Fireworks for Canada Day.

Black and white between grey.

Saturday morning of week 26 saw me down at the Lake Huron shoreline. It was difficult to tell where the water stopped and the clouds started at times. The previous time I was down there it was like that.

So for Monochrome Monday I compared the two sets of photos to check which had the most interesting cloud formations for a monochrome conversion.

Chantry Island and it’s lighthouse on Lake Huron, Ontario.

Chantry Island Lighthouse, Lake Huron.

Young Downy Woodpecker.

We have young Downy Woodpeckers and young Hairy Woodpeckers being fed by the adults. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get photos of them over the past couple of weeks.

This isn’t the best photo I’ve got of any of them, it’s the only photo I have got so far. It shows an immature Downy Woodpecker with the tail and part of the wing of the adult male that had just fed it before disappearing up the tree trunk.

Downy Woodpecker juvenile.

Good catch.

An American White Pelican with a large fish in its pouch. One from the archives, photographed on Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan in the late 1990s.

This part of Ontario is under a heat warning at the moment which got me thinking about photography in hot weather. That made me think of a hot afternoon in Saskatchewan when I set up a tripod in a channel where a marsh drains into a section of Last Mountain Lake. I sat in the water behind the camera. There was a group of American White Pelicans fishing in the channel. They would swim in the direction of the water flow before flying back to the start of the channel and repeating the fishing expedition.

This breeding adult looks a bit grumpy despite the size of the fish it has caught.

American White Pelican with fish.