Photo Challenges

A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons prompt.

There’s no real signs of spring around here yet but we had a mild winter with not a lot of snow so we may have an early spring. The possibility of an early spring is shown in these three photos of Colpoy’s Bay in the first week of spring over the last three years.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons

24th March 2018. Refrozen after a partial thaw.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons

24th March 2019. Still frozen.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons

22nd March 2020. Open water, the bay hardly started freezing last winter.


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Spring has Sprung

When I read Dale’s prompt for the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Spring has Sprung it was -13°C feeling like -16 in the wind and we’d had 4 inches of snow the day before.

So here is my take on the challenge, three photos of the local bay in March over the last three years. Can anyone see any signs of spring?


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Spring has Sprung

Open water on Colpoy’s Bay in March 2020.


The fourth day of Spring.

A frozen Colpoy’s Bay in March 2019.


A frozen Colpoy's Bay at sunrise.

A frozen and partially snow covered Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise in March 2018.



Colpoy’s Bay sunrise, week 51

Thursday morning of week 51 saw me down at Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise. I headed to the Government Dock in Colpoy’s Bay. There had been no access during part of the autumn while the end of the dock was repaired so I hadn’t been down there much since the summer.

Access can be difficult in the winter if there’s too much snow on the ground but we’d had a thaw earlier in the week. I had been down there the previous afternoon for the sunset so I knew the access would be no problem in the dark.

This shot was taken from the path to the dock rather than out on the dock just before the sun rose over the Niagara Escarpment on the east side of Colpoy’s Bay.

Sunrise over Colpoy's Bay and the Niagara Escarpment.



Layers of cloud just before sunrise

Last Tuesday morning saw me down at Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise. This shot was taken a couple of minutes before the sun appeared over the Niagara Escarpment. I was considering it as my pick for week 51.

One week of my 52 week photo project to go. I’m surprised that I made it this far given the weather at various times throughout the year and some of the personal issues that cropped up shortly after starting the project.

Colpoy's Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise.


Autumn Seed Heads

Taken on an afternoon walk last week during a rare sunny spell. It’s the same plant I photographed and posted about a week ago.

Since spotting the remains of the plant I have been paying attention to it if my walk takes me past it. This time there was some interesting light on the plant illuminating the seed heads.

Sunlight on seed heads.


Colpoy’s Bay at Sunset

Still no internet access so I’m writing this in a Tim Hortons coffee shop using their Wi-Fi.

Sunday afternoon of week 50 saw me sitting in the library using their Wi-Fi to post my week 50 pick. As the library is only a few minutes from the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline I headed down there for the sunset after posting.

Autumn sunset.


Snowy Twig

Continuing what seems to be been a recent theme, snow. Maybe it’s because it seems like winter arrived about six weeks ago although it hasn’t officially started yet.

Spotted on a walk about a week ago and one of those shots that I can’t make up my mind about. I edited it and then it didn’t work for me so I ignored it. I re-edited it yesterday, tweaking the colour balance and contrast and now it works for me again.

Snowy twig.