Monochrome Monday: 5th August 2019

Monochrome Monday travels back a couple of weeks to one of my walks testing various lenses adapted to a mirrorless camera.

This time I was testing a 25mm CCTV lens. It was the first outing with the lens when the focusing mechanism first jammed and then stopped focusing on anything beyond about five feet.

Some Bracken fronds with the lens. I rather like the way the light and dark patches in the background have made parts of the centre frond stand out.

Monochrome Monday: 5th August 2019

Another walk, another lens test.

I managed to get out for a proper walk with the 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 lens attached to the camera recently. The first test was a quick walk around the yard when I had a couple of minutes.

Second impressions are that it’s an interesting lens, I can see it spending a lot of time on the camera. I still think it needs a lens hood so that’s something that needs sorting out before the next test.

A Day-Lily near the start of the walk. Shot wide open the lens produces some interesting background blur in the leaves behind the flower.

Testing the 7artisans 35mm lens.


An Umbellifer flower with the lens wide open at f/1.2 again.

Testing the 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 lens.

Not really an adapted lens but?

An extension of the adapted lens idea.

There’s a selection of manual focus prime lenses now being manufactured in a variety of camera mounts by some little known makers. They don’t have to be adapted to fit the camera but they’re not as optically corrected as modern lenses from the major manufacturers. I regard them as a variation on an adapted lens giving some interesting effects.

One of those manufacturers is 7artisans who build around half a dozen small manual focus primes in a few different camera mounts. This photo was taken with their 35mm f/1.2 lens on a very brief walk last weekend.

It’s my only outing with the lens so far so I haven’t really formed an opinion on it other than that with a fairly large front element close to the front of the lens it will probably benefit from a lens hood. Not something that I have bothered about with the adapted CCTV lenses I have been experimenting with.

An Orange Day-Lily photographed with the lens wide open at f/1.2 which produces an interesting, soft, out of focus rendering of the foliage in the background.

Not really an adapted lens but?