Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 3rd June 2020

Wordless Wednesday: 3rd June 2020


On the Hunt for Joy Challenge

On the Hunt for Joy: Knoll Your Desk

This is my contribution to Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Knoll Your Desk.

I was sitting at the kitchen table I use for a computer desk editing photos when I was thinking about the prompt. I noticed a couple of things on the table that were a possibility for the challenge.

I used a fast lens for shallow depth of field and then did some heavy editing using Snapseed on this tablet.

Knoll Your Desk

The small Samsung SSD on the left is my primary backup drive for all my photos. The two USB cables next to it are for two more external hard drives used to backup all my photos. Those two drives are rotated with one being kept off site. 

My pen and pencil holder is an old plastic drinking glass, it holds everything but pens and pencils. The closest items to pens and pencils are two red Sharpes. The hex driver is for my camera and lens mounts, the old toothbrush is for cleaning in nooks and crannies and there’s also two small flashlights in it.

I must add that I have been using the new Block Editor for a couple of days but I have become so frustrated with it I went back to the classic editor to finish this post.


Tuesday Photo Challenge

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return

I had a couple of ideas for the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return.

I was thinking of some of the locations I have returned to multiple times. There was quite a list between England and Canada. However, that seemed a little obvious and I have written about some of them previously.

Then I thought about last summer when I was testing various lenses adapted to a mirrorless camera. There was a couple of local details that I returned to. One of them, some Ivy growing up a tree trunk, I have been photographing with various cameras and lenses for over two years.


Ivy leaves and Lichen.

A patch of evening sunlight illuminates a section of the Ivy. A photo from the summer of 2018 and part of the 52 week photo project I did that year.


Tree trunk detail.

A photo from last summer taken shortly after getting out of rehab after an accident. I was testing a small, light Olympus mirrorless camera with the kit lens due to the condition of my right shoulder and arm.


Weekly Prompts: Sepia Ivy Leaves.

A sepia toned monochrome conversion from last summer. I was testing a 25mm CCTV lens adapted to a small Olympus mirrorless camera.


Wordless Wednesday: 12th February 2020

A photo from last winter. I was testing my Rokinon 85mm lens on a Sony mirrorless camera.


Silent Sunday:10th May 2020

A photo from a couple of weeks ago. I used my 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 lens on a small Olympus mirrorless camera.


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 10th May 2020

Silent Sunday:10th May 2020


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

CFFC: White and Green

This is my contribution to week 3 of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pick a Topic from this Photo. This week I picked two of the colours highlight by Cee in the prompt that accompanied the week 3 photo. Yes, I know white isn’t technically a colour.

To make it more of difficult I made a rule that the photos I picked had to have been taken in the past year, actually 10 months as I was in rehab until the end of May after my accident. Plus, all photos had to be vertical orientation.


Dandelion seed heads.

Dandelion clocks taken with my silvernose OM Zuiko 50mm lens from 1976 adapted to fit a small mirrorless camera.


Wordless Wednesday: 12th February 2020

Ivy leaves in snow on a tree trunk after a winter storm. Taken with the Rokinon 85mm lens adapted to a small mirrorless camera.


Silent Sunday: 15th September 2019

Variegated Hosta leaves photographedwith my Vivitar 35mm lens from the 1970s adapted to fit a small mirrorless camera.


Silent Sunday: 25th August 2019

Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot) photographed when out for a walk testing the 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 lens on a small mirrorless camera.


Tuesday Photo Challenge

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk

When I first read the prompt for the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk I didn’t have any ideas.

Then I thought about a bag containing the parts of a zoom lens I took apart some time ago. The lens had a known problem where the ribbon cable controlling the aperture fails. Researching online showed that repaired lenses were still failing so I decided not to get the lens repaired.

I was going to tear the lens down to remove the jammed aperture assembly and reassemble it as a manual lens without an aperture. Well that was the plan, by the time I got deep enough into the lens to release the jammed aperture I knew the lens was never going back together. A modern, auto focus zoom lens is a lot more complex than an old fashioned manual focus prime lens.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Junk


And just for a laugh, the junk lens photographed with a junk lens. The focusing mechanism of my 25mm CCTV lens jammed the first time I used it. Each time I use it I have to play around with it to get it to focus. It’s a pity as the lens produces some interesting swirling around the edges of the frame which I like. By the time I had finished editing in Snapseed it looks like a modern lens photographed using a a wet plate camera in the 1870s.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Junk


One Word Sunday


I had checked this prompt and had a photo planned for the One Word Sunday: Plastic challenge. I was going to photograph the small spirit (bubble) level I have been carrying in various camera bags for decades and using to level cameras on tripods.

I hadn’t even got the level out of the bag when I noticed the colour of the blue water bottle sitting on the table. I knew there was a second, purple, water bottle in the fridge so decided to change my plan for the challenge. As it turned out, this image ties in with Debbie’s One Word Sunday photo.

The reason for my change of direction was to make a point. These two water bottles have each been refilled hundreds of times. We never buy bottled water even though there seems to be a good recycling system in place in this part of Ontario.

That’s because I read that while one of the producers of bottled water was claiming that 70-75% of plastic water bottles are recycled in Ontario a non-profit organization that challenges corporate and government claims estimates only 14% are recycled. Another group estimate 1 billion plastic bottles end up in Ontario landfills each year.

One Word Sunday: Plastic