Fence post and a splash of Gold.

The new Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is Fences and gates.

I had forgotten about this selective colour treatment until finding it with some shots of Swallows on barbed wire fences. I have also forgotten why I did a monochrome conversion with the selective colour.

The old license plate holding the fence post together gives a big clue about where the photo was taken. A male American Goldfinch peeking around a fence post at the photographer. Taken one summer in Saskatchewan .

Fence and a splash of Gold.

Gold (well, yellow) in week 22.

A male American Goldfinch poses in front of a complimentary background.

Is it just me but wouldn’t Yellow Finch be a more accurate common English name? A bit like Purple Finch would be more accurately called a Raspberry Red Finch.

Taken during week 22 of my 52 week photo project. The bird is in shade with sunlit Cedar trees as a background.

American Goldfinch (male).