One Word Sunday


One Word Sunday: Rock

Rock Along the Water,

Storm Clouds in the Sky

To paraphrase the Deep Purple rock song “Smoke on the Water.”

A bit of a light hearted/hard rock contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Rock prompt.


Amberjack the Tugboat

2021: Amberjack the Tugboat

A small tugboat on Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario recently.

For some reason it makes me think of a children’s T.V. show along the lines of “Thomas the tank engine” or a similar anthropomorphised show. Which explains my title.

Six Word Saturday

Streaming Up the Bay at Dawn

Six Word Saturday: Streaming Up the Bay at Dawn

A live composite exposure of clouds moving up Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario at dawn recently.

An unusual outing for me these days as I grabbed my camera bag of weather sealed, auto focus zoom lenses when heading out.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday challenge.


Autumn Trumpeter Swans

2021: Autumn Trumpeter Swans

Two Trumpeter Swans in front of some autumn colour. Photographed on a pool near Isaac Lake on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario recently.

Trumpeter Swans were almost hunted to extinction in Canada. They are making a slow recovery due to various reintroduction schemes.

It’s not really a bird photo so not a Flora and Fauna Friday post. And as I had taken my bag of auto-focus zooms that day it’s not a Getting Back to Basics post either.

Photo Challenges

Some Autumn Colours

2021: A Range of Autumn Colours

A range of autumn colours at Isaac Lake on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario recently.

This is my contribution to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: October Pick a Topic from my Photo prompt.

Throwback Thursday

Cloud Over the Island at Dusk

Throwback Thursday: 21st October 2021

Chantry Island and its lighthouse on Lake Huron at Southampton, Ontario at dusk in autumn.

My Throwback Thursday post this week is traveling back exactly 14 years to the 21st October 2007.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 20th October 2021

Wordless Wednesday: 20th October 2021