One Word Sunday


A juvenile Red Knot relaxes on its way south for the winter.

One Word Sunday.

having a nap

Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: An Interesting Barn.

An old barn on a local back road on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario photographed in a variety of interesting lighting conditions and at different times of the day and year.

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Interesting Buildings.

The barn with a rainbow and storm clouds in the autumn.

A different view with a second rainbow behind the barn.

The barn in mist at sunrise in late summer.

Old barn in mist at sunrise.

The barn at sunrise in late spring.

The barn at sunset in early autumn.

The barn in mist at sunrise in mid summer.

Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday: Ebb and Flow

The latest Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Ebb and Flow. It got me thinking about some of the locations I have photographed birds over the years.

A couple of locations in Saskatchewan stood out, in particular Last Mountain Lake, especially the National Wildlife Area that surrounds the northern end of the lake. Bird numbers would vary massively over the year.

In the spring the area is a stopover location for species such as this Killdeer. Some will stay in the area to breed while others will carry on north after feeding and resting.

Stretching Killdeer.


In the summer the area is a breeding location for species such as American White Pelicans. These birds are feeding in a channel where a marsh drains into a section of the lake.

Feeding party of American White Pelicans.


In the autumn the area is a major stopover location for Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes on autumn migration. This is a section of a Snow Geese flock, the birds can number in the thousands.

A gathering of Snow Geese.


In the winter the lake is frozen and partially snow covered. There are no water birds left in the area although you may see the occasional flock of Snow Buntings. It is however still a good location for sunsets.

A frozen Last Mountain Lake.

Photo Challenges

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trail

This is my contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trail.

As my walks around the neighborhood involve a selection of trails I thought I would go with a selection of photos taken when walking them rather than photos of the actual trails.

Some Dandelion clocks taken on a walk after the challenge was posted.

Dandelion seed heads.

A hodgepodge of tree trunks in the autumn.

Autumn tree trunks.

A Maple leaf on snow.

Casting a shadow on the snow.

Looking up at some autumn colour.

Fisheye autumn colour.

Fresh spring greens and old fungi.

Wordless Wednesday.

Autumn leaves and a decaying tree trunk in the autumn.

Worn and Weathered autumn detail.

A bunch of red berries spotted on a walk late in the year.

A group of red berries.

Photo Challenges

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ancient

My contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ancient.

I was considering various Roman and Medieval buildings I have photographed before deciding to go further back in time.

These photos are taken on Bickerton Hill in south Cheshire, England. This section of the hill is the site on an Iron Age hill fort known as Maiden Castle. Radiocarbon dating indicates that the ramparts defending part of the plateau where built around 600 BC. In reality this is an ancient landscape with very little of the hill fort left to see.

This photo shows the natural slope down from the plateau where the hill fort is situated. This escarpment forms part of the defenses of the fort, it’s a lot steeper than it looks in this photo.

Bickerton Hill escarpment.

What little remains of the defensive earthworks is hidden amongst the Silver Birch trees and Bracken.

Autumn colour on Maiden Castle, Bickerton Hill.

In this photo I am standing in what would have been the north west corner of the hill fort with the escarpment in front of me and the remains of defensive earthworks hidden in the trees to my right.

Standing on the site on an Iron Age hill fort.

Photo Challenges

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Vista

My contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Vista.

Originally I was planning on using a small selection of shots from some of the locations I have lived in over the years. However, the challenge is vista, not vistas so I decided to go with a single image.

I thought it was was going to be hard picking a single image but in the end there was an obvious choice.

Storm clouds and light beams, Loch Arkaig, Lochaber, Scotland. Taken in the autumn of 1985 this shot was later published worldwide by Olympus Japan and won a national photo contest in the U.K.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Vista

One Word Sunday


Wiped off by the Bracken.

One Word Sunday.

Amanita muscaria.