Week 31. Backlit Sandhill Cranes.

Sunday morning of week 31 saw me returning from the sunrise at Colpoy’s Bay when I spotted two Sandhill Cranes in a hay field.

The sun was still low in the sky and behind the birds providing some interesting lighting. There was still round bales in the field so I spent some time waiting for one or the other to appear from behind a bale. At on point the two birds started calling to each other but one of the birds was mostly hidden behind a bale at the time.

Sandhill Cranes at sunrise.

A favourite.

Between film and digital I have photographed hundreds of species of birds but there’s something about the European Robin. Confiding and sometimes so tame you have to be careful not to step on them, some are real characters.

Beloved weekly photo challenge. The photo below is a film shot from the 1980s that I  came across in my slide files recently.

Eurasian Robin, Cheshire, England