Paper Birch Bark

Monochrome Monday travels back to Saturday afternoon. I went for a walk with the camera looking for shots that could make interesting monochrome conversions.

I have photographed Paper Birch bark in the past but not with the intention of doing a monochrome conversion so I chose a section of the trunk with a variety of textures and patterns.

Monochrome Monday: 25th November 2019

October Squares: Lichen and Lines

Day 6 of Becky’s October Squares: Lines photo challenge.

Lichen and lines in tree bark. Taken a couple of weeks ago. I had worked out that October Squares were going to be lines after a couple of clues from Becky.

I seem to have had a “thing” about photographing Lichen for a while and I found the wet/dry combination of the tree bark interesting.

October Squares: Lichen and Lines

Friendly Friday: Between the Lines

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Between the Lines.

Between the Lines of tree trunks in the autumn.

Autumn tree trunks.

Between the Lines of my fingerprint in Sodium Thiosulfate crystals.

A fingerprint in sodium thiosulfate.

Between the Lines of bark on a tree trunk.

Monochrome tree bark.

Between the Lines of a Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel.

Ground Squirrel in the summer.

Between the Lines of quartz in a boulder.

Monochrome boulder with lines of quartz.

Between the Lines of ice on Lake Huron at dusk in the spring.

Blue ice, orange water.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles.

Continuing my testing of various lenses adapted to a mirrorless camera I went for a walk with a 25mm f/1.4 CCTV lens attached to the camera last Thursday and spotted this tree bark with all sorts of lines and angles.

The lens only just covers the camera sensor at maximum aperture. Stopping the lens down causes it to vignette badly so I kept it at maximum aperture for the walk. Because the lens only just covers the sensor the edges of the photo are swirled and blurred with some vignetting in the corners.

Lines and Angles in Tree Bark.

Some different tree bark photographed on a walk last winter using a normal camera lens.

Monochrome tree bark.