Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sculpture.

This is my contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sculpture.

I gave the challenge a sideways look and decided to go with a natural sculpture and a manmade sculpture that wasn’t planned as a sculpture.

An interesting weathered rock on the Georgian Bay shoreline.

Eroded rock, natural sculpture.


The remains of wood piles sticking out of Colpoy’s Bay.

Wood piles, a manmade sculpture.

Fossil of a Seashell.

The new Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Something Different.

I thought this photo of a seashell fossil was different. It’s probably millions of years old but resembles some of the seashells I picked up along the North Wales coast as a child. It was photographed in Ontario, Canada, now hundreds of miles from the nearest salt water.

Seashell fossil.

Wave on shoreline at sunrise.

I spent part of the summer of 1985 in Ontario, Canada shooting stock for a couple of photo libraries. So Throwback Thursday takes me back 33 years. In a strange coincidence, having moved around Britain and Canada in the intervening years I currently live about 20 minutes from where the photo was taken.

A shot of a wave breaking on the shoreline of Georgian Bay at sunrise using a slow shutter speed to get some movement in the water.

Wave on stones.

Twisted into an S.

An Eastern Garter Snake eating a Northern Leopard Frog.

Taken at Big Bay, Ontario. I was photographing a Cedar Waxwing when I heard a noise and discovered the snake slowly swallowing the frog. One of the photos was a runner-up in a photo contest about the preservation of nature which I found a little ironic.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Twisted.

Twisted into an S.