Bigger than a Bread Box

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Bigger than a Bread Box prompt.

This is a Citroen 2CV, also known as a Deux Chevaux (two horsepower). Launched in 1948 as a low cost, easy to maintain vehicle for farmers and others to take their produce to market. No doubt a few were used by bakers to take their bread to market.

The way the roof rolls back reminds me of the way some bread boxes open. I hadn’t noticed the picnic basket until editing the photo, bigger than a bread box and there could be bread in it.

CBWC: Bigger than a Bread Box

CFFC: Cars and Trucks

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars and Trucks.

I had a couple of ideas for the challenge before remembering a visit to the Air and Auto Extravaganza at Wiarton Airport on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario last year. I didn’t make it this year not having been out of rehab for long and still being on crutches.

Here’s a couple of old, European cars that were at the car show.

An old British MG sports car. Called a roadster in North America for some reason.

CFFC: Cars and Trucks


A Citroen 2CV. Originally designed for French farmers to transport their goods to market they became quite popular in the U.K. in the 1980s and 1990s. I was surprised to see one in Ontario, Canada.

CFFC: Cars and Trucks


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Deux chevaux.

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “Get your motors running: cool cars that caught your eye.

I had photo picked for the challenge but changed my mind and went in a completely different direction. I went from a high tech rally car competing in a World Championship Rally to a much older and simpler design of vehicle.

The photo shows a Citroen 2CV taken this summer at the Wiarton Air and Auto Extravaganza at Wiarton Airport, Ontario, Canada. It was one of only three European cars at the show. The 2CV was built by Citroen from 1948 until 1990. This one is from the 1980s I’m guessing. Deux chevaux is the French for two horses, 2CV means two steam horses.

I was living in the U.K. when these were popular with some but a source of amusement for more people. Looking back maybe the owners of the 2CV had a point. It’s a basic vehicle with minimal electrical systems, a simple engine and long travel suspension. A vehicle that probably only require a basic toolkit for most repairs.

I wonder how many French cars from the 1980s are in Canada.

Deux chevaux.

Cosmic Photo Challenge

‘Don’t move!’

‘There’s a bug on your Hi-Viz.’

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Street Photography.

The shot isn’t really street photography as it was taken at an airport. We visited the Air and Auto Extravaganza at Wiarton Airport on the South Bruce Peninsula a few weeks ago. The thing that struck me was the number of people wearing Hi-Viz vests. At times it seemed they out numbered the public at the event. So I was watching out for photo opportunities featuring people in Hi-Viz.

This rather amused me but I don’t know if it was the reaction to the bug on the vest or me wondering if it was a colour blind bug.

Naughty bug, get off there.