Cosmic Photo Challenge

First Hints of Spring

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: First Hints of Spring prompt.

It was snowing hard when Dale posted the prompt so my contribution is from my archives.

Throwback Thursday: 16th April 2020

Two hints of spring, a male Orange Tip Butterfly feeding on Bluebells in Cheshire, England.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Dusk

A hint of spring, ice on Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada breaking up during the spring thaw.

April Squares: Singing from the Top of the Cattail

A hint of spring, a recently arrived male Yellow-headed Blackbird singing to proclaim his territory in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Hints of Spring

A hint of spring, a male Common Merganser swimming amongst ice on Lake Huron at Southampton, Ontario, Canada during the spring thaw. The Common Merganser is known as the Goosander in Europe.

One Word Sunday


A nature photographers dirty mobile hide (blind) 35 years ago.

My contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Ugly.

CFFC: Anything to do with cars and trucks
Weekly Prompts


This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Waiting.

April Squares: On Top of the Ice
Waiting for the ice to melt.
One Word Sunday: Homophone
Waiting for the paint to dry.
One Word Sunday: Company
Waiting for the eggs to hatch.
Wordless Wednesday: 18th November 2020
Waiting for the rain to start.

Medieval Steps

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Steps or Ladders prompt.

This is the corner of Eastgate Street and Bridge Street in the city of Chester in Cheshire, England. The two sets of steps in this photo originated in medieval times.

The steps around the Chester High Cross are relatively modern due to it being broken up during the English Civil War. The top of the cross was saved and other pieces were discovered in the 19th century and were used in a reconstruction of the cross.

The steps leading up from street level to the first floor take you to the Chester Rows. The Rows are a series of covered walkways giving access to businesses on that level. Dating back to medieval times little is known about them and their origin is subject to much speculation.

CBWC: Steps or ladders
Photo Challenges


This is my contribution to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Blue-Greens prompt.

I had a couple of ideas for the challenge before thinking of the Common Kingfisher found in Europe and parts of Asia.

The birds plumage varies between blue and green depending on the direction and quality of light falling on it. Here is three photos of the same male photographed at different times and in different light.

CMMC: Blue-Green
Saturday Bird: Common Kingfisher
CMMC: Blue-Green
Weekly Prompts

A Variety of Wings

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Wings.

I quickly decided to go with a small selection of wings with as much variety as possible.

A Photo a Week: Joy

A Common Loon stretching its wings at sunrise.

Throwback Thursday: Banded Demoselle egg laying

Male and female Banded Demoiselle with different wing patterns.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A

A blur of wings from a motion blurred Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Flora and Fauna Friday: Small Copper Butterfly

Backlit wings of a Small Copper Butterfly.

Photo Challenges

The Weaver Navigation

This is my contribution to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Pick a Topic from my Photo.

This month Cee posted a photo of a river with some old industrial buildings on the far side of the river.

This is Hunt’s Locks on a section of the Weaver Navigation with the Weaver Railway Viaduct behind at Northwich, Cheshire England. The Weaver Navigation is a stretch of the river made navigable for boats. The locks are used to raise and lower boats between different levels of the river. Although the scene looks very industrial, in reality it was mostly residential property in the area.

CMMC: Pick a Topic from my Photo