Colpoy’s Bay with a $33 lens

This post is partly a contribution to Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere #10 Photo Challenge and partly a ramble about a lens I picked up before Christmas. A 35mm f/1.6 lens that cost me $33.41 CDN although the shipping from China was $7.99 CDN so it was over $40 in total.

Other than the shipping that’s a similar price to what I paid for the various CCTV lenses I was experimenting with last year. Except this lens came with a native E mount to fit directly on to my Sony mirrorless camera without an adapter. It even came with a rather nice rectangular lens hood.

For the price I wasn’t expecting very good optical quality and although it’s not very sharp wide open it does improve when stopped down. I find the colours are a little muted and the contrast low but nothing that can’t be corrected in editing.

Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise a couple of days before Christmas.

Water Water Everywhere #10

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Outer Cold, Inner Warmth: The Comforts in Your Life

The latest Cosmic Photo Challenge prompt is rather long and Outer Cold, Inner Warmth: The Comforts in Your Life was giving me a problem coming up with a theme for the challenge.

After a couple of false starts I decided to go with a couple of photos taken when it was cold outside and one takes indoors in the warmth over the recent Christmas break.

I will start of on the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at sunrise the morning after the winter solstice..

Sunrise the morning after the winter solstice


Christmas lights on a window with mote lights in the warm and comfortable living room beyond.

Cosmic Photo Challenge


Some Viennese Shortcakes on a table in the warmth of the living room.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Christmas Memories

CFFC: Winter Scenes

Thinking about Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes it occurred to me that it’s now 20 years since I moved to Ontario. So I decided to limit myself to photos of winter in Ontario.

2004. Chantry Island and its lighthouse at sunset with frazil ice on Lake Huron in the foreground.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Winter


2008. Chantry Island at sunset with a frozen and partially snow covered Lake Huron in the foreground. I’m not sure if I was standing on the shoreline or the frozen lake when I took the photo.

Bank of cloud at sunset.


2012. Snow on a Pine tree branch.

Pine branch with snow.


2018. A frozen and partially snow covered Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise with the Niagara Escarpment on the horizon.

A frozen Colpoy's Bay at sunrise.