Weekly Photo Challenge

Silhouetted at Sunrise

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lighting of Any Kind.


Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Lighting of Any Kind

Old wood piles sticking out of Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise.


Monthly Squares

Telephoto Perspective 4

This is my day 29 contribution to Becky’s July Squares on the theme of Perspective and another of my telephoto perspective series.

Some interesting clouds over Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise isolated with a telephoto lens. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic one of my sunrise locations was on a busy route for commercial aircraft.

Some mornings it was possible to count 5 or 6 aircraft in the sky. If they were leaving contrails one option was to isolate the more interesting clouds with a telephoto.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Art Unexpected


Weekly Photo Challenge

Ripples, not a Comet

This is my contribution to Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere #38 Photo Challenge.

Last Saturday I got up in the middle of the night and went down to the local bay to look for the comet Neowise. There was far too much cloud to see the comet but I stayed down there for the sunrise. Then I photographed the ripples around the end of the dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay.


WWE: Ripples, not a Comet


Travel Tuesday

Colpoy’s Bay at night

Travel Tuesday is only traveling back to very early last Saturday morning when I traveled to the dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay in another attempt to photograph the comet Neowise.

These star trails over Colpoy’s Bay are a 25 minute exposure in total. I was using the live composite setting on an Olympus camera so the initial exposure was 1 second with a further 1,499 1 second exposures added to the initial exposure.

Earth has started passing through the Perseids meteor shower which explains all the shooting stars the camera recorded. The light along the bottom left of the frame is a vehicle driving down the shoreline road. The breaks in the light are when the vehicle is behind trees.


Travel Tuesday: Colpoy's Bay at night


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 26th July 2020


Silent Sunday: 26th July 2020


Weekly Photo Challenge

Too Cloudy to see Comet Neowise

But I stayed for the sunrise.

Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment.

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.


Six Word Saturday: Too Much Cloud for Comet Neowise


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 22nd July 2020


Wordless Wednesday: 22nd July 2020