Photo Challenges

A Photo a Week Challenge: Insects

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Insects.

A small selection of photos of insects making more insects.


April Squares: Top

Common Red Soldier Beetles mating on top of Ragwort flowers.


Mating Silver-studded Blue Butterflies

Silver-studded Blue Butterflies mating on a grass seed head.


April Squares: Skating on Top of the Water

Pond Skaters mating on the surface of a garden pond.


Month of Squares

April Squares: On Top of the Ragwort

This is my day one contribution to Becky’s April Squares with a theme of Top.

A pair of Common Red Soldier Beetles mating on top of Ragwort flowers in a Cheshire garden.

April Squares: Top


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Wildlife Garden

The new Cosmic Photo Challenge is How Does Your Garden Grow.

When I was living in a rural part of Cheshire, England I turned a corner of the garden into a wildlife garden. It became a wildflower meadow and somewhere to photograph plants, insects and birds. I didn’t have to drive anywhere and could set up a hide anywhere for as long as I wanted.

A Dandelion seed head (clock) growing in the meadow.

Dandelion seed head.

This male Common Pheasant in hoarfrost one winter morning was a fairly regular visitor at certain times of the year.

Frosted Pheasant

This pair of Common Red Soldier Beetles are mating on Ragwort flowers.

Soldier Beetles mating on Ragwort flowers.

This male Eurasian Bullfinch liked the fresh grass seed heads.

Male Eurasian Bullfinch.

One of the plant species growing in the meadow.


There was Teasels growing along the edge of the meadow to attract European Goldfinches.

Goldfinch feeding on Teasel.

I picked up the windfall apples from under the trees in the vegetable garden and put them in the grass on the meadow for birds such as this Common Starling.

European Starling in winter.


Orange on yellow

A pair of Common Red Soldier Beetles mating on Ragwort flowers. Despite the common English name I’d describe them as orange rather than red.

The Soldier part of the common English name comes from the colour pattern supposedly reminiscent of the red uniforms of early British soldiers.

A film shot from my archives. Taken in Cheshire, England in the mid 1980s.

Soldier Beetles mating on Ragwort flowers.