2020: It’s A Small World

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: It’s A Small World prompt.

I’m using the prompt to look back at some of my close up photos from my walks around the neighborhood in 2020.

Wordless Wednesday: 4th March 2020

A Maple leaf on the snow on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. Taken on a walk around the neighborhood last winter.

One Word Sunday: Fraction

Close up of a Pine cone taken with a 25mm CCTV lens adapted to a mirrorless camera. Picked up on a walk around the neighborhood.

Silent Sunday: 9th August 2020

Red Daylilies photographed with a portrait lens wide open. Taken on an early morning walk in the summer.

Friendly Friday: Red and Green

A red Maple leaf amongst green Ivy leaves on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. A sign of autumn on one of my walks.

Monthly Squares

January Squares: Up #6

Opened Up all the way.

This is my day 6 contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

A red Daylily growing on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario in the summer. Photographed with a fast portrait lens opened up to maximum aperture.

January Squares: Up #6
Monthly Squares

Two Of A Kind #3

Two red Daylilies on the South Bruce Peninsula in the summer. Smaller and more delicate than the orange Daylily that is so popular.

One of my photos from the summer when I was using fast portrait lenses to photograph flowers and plants.

This is my day 22 contribution to Becky’s October Squares challenge on the theme of Kind.

October Squares: Two Of A Kind #3
Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 9th August 2020


Silent Sunday: 9th August 2020


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 29th July 2020


Wordless Wednesday: 29th July 2020


Monthly Squares

Portrait of an Orange Daylily

This is my day 25 contribution to Becky’s July Squares on the theme of Perspective.

An Orange Daylily photographed with a fast portrait lens to give a different perspective with very shallow depth of field on the flower.


July Squares: Portrait of an Orange Daylily


Macro Monday

Red Daylily

Macro Monday this week is more of a close-up Monday.

I spotted this red Daylily on a walk yesterday morning. A neighbour has lots of Orange Daylilies growing along the road. This year there are also variegated yellow one’s and this small red one.