Minimalist wood piles.

A shot from a couple of weeks ago in the middle of December when I had gone down to the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for the sunrise. The sunrise was so spectacular that I put my telephoto zoom on the camera and started isolating interesting details on the shoreline.

I edited this shot of old wood piles sticking out of the bay at the time but it didn’t work for me. I tried re-editing it a couple of days later but it still didn’t work for me.

Yesterday I re-edited it as a monochrome image and it works for me this way. Now I find myself wondering if subconsciously I had taken the shots as monochrome. It’s strange, when there was still a demand for monochrome images from newspapers and magazines I had no problem “seeing” an image in black and white. But since I stopped shooting black and white I seem to have lost the ability to see monochrome images the way I used to.

Wood piles in monochrome.


Snowy Twig

Continuing what seems to be been a recent theme, snow. Maybe it’s because it seems like winter arrived about six weeks ago although it hasn’t officially started yet.

Spotted on a walk about a week ago and one of those shots that I can’t make up my mind about. I edited it and then it didn’t work for me so I ignored it. I re-edited it yesterday, tweaking the colour balance and contrast and now it works for me again.

Snowy twig.

Six Word Saturday

A Maple Leaf in the Shade

Six Word Saturday.

Lying in the shade on the snow.


Autumn tree trunks.

A second shot from my Sunday morning walk during week 44. I was considering this as the pick for week and now I think I prefer this shot.

I was struck by the number of trees initially and then the pattern and complexity of them now that most of the leaves are off the branches.

Tree trunks in the autumn.


The last few.

A shot from a walk on the Sunday afternoon of week 43.

This Maple tree had lost almost all its leaves, there was a small group of leaves left in one spot that caught my eye.

Maple leaves in autumn.

52 week photo project

Week 38. The first day of autumn.

Technically autumn started on Saturday evening of week 38 so Sunday would be the first full day of autumn. I went for a walk on Sunday morning looking for some autumn colour. I was in a retro mood and used my oldest digital camera body, now 11 years old, with a manual focus prime lens I purchased prior to April 1982.

It’s looking like being a strange autumn. Some leaves were changing colour a month or more ago and have since fallen while some trees have sections of leaves turning colour while the majority of the tree is still green.

I wasn’t really happy with any of the photos of branches and sections of trees changing colour but noticed this small group of Maple leaves in some nice light.

Maple leaves on the first full day of autumn.

Throwback Thursday

Foxtail Barley detail.

Throwback Thursday travels back to Saskatchewan in the late 1990s with a close up of the heads of some Foxtail Barley. Taken on a section of the Little Quill Lake shoreline near Wadena, Saskatchewan.

Alternative common English names are Bobtail Barley and Squirreltail Barley. Although it is native to North American it is regarded as a weed and an invasive species by some people.

Foxtail Barley seed heads.