Weekly Prompts

Dry Stone Fences

Or rather some dry stone walls and and a barbed wire fence.

The new Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge is Fences.

In some parts of Britain field or property boundaries can be hedges or dry stone walls. This photo taken in the Peak District close to the Cheshire/Derbyshire border. It’s an area between Wildboarclough and Bottom-of-the-Oven. There’s two place names that are hard to forget. A lot of the field boundaries in the area are dry stone walls.

So called because they’re walls of stacked stone put together dry, in other words without mortar. Some of the dry stone walls in Britain are centuries old.

Peak District dry stone walls.

Monochrome Monday

Some winter detail.

Monochrome Monday goes back a few weeks to a walk in the new year.

I spotted this small section of dry stone wall surrounded by thawing snow. The Ivy leaves added a splash of colour although I shot the image with the plan to try a monochrome conversion. I rather like the way the veins of the Ivy leaves appear in this conversion.

Dry stone wall with Ivy leaves and snow.